Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Polymer clay ombre necklace DIY

Here is an easy way to create your very own ombre necklace! 

For this necklace you will need:

2 bars of fimo clay
1 cutter
leather cord
nose pliers

Cut the two bars in equal pieces just like in the picture and mix them the way it shows.
Form the pieces of clay in balls with your hands.
Cut the two bigger balls in half.
Make holes using a toothpick. 
Make sure your beads have the same width before you bake them.
Now bake them in the oven in 100C for 20 minutes.
Use the nose pliers to make bigger holes if that is necessary.
String them onto your cord and ta da! Your necklace is ready. 
I make sliding knots on my leather cord to adjust the length. 

I hope your necklace looks great!
Check out my polymer clay jewelry Here

See you around,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lokah Samasta Ukulele

My first recorded song playing the ukulele!
Thank you Georgios for the beautiful pictures!